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Welcome to Perfect Balance Foods

Our foods have been devised to meet the mental and physical performance needs of athletes, sports people and those with busy and active lives.

Using a specifically designed balance of natural ingredients, our products will deliver exceptional fuel and recovery no matter what the demands of your lifestyle or activities, without any of the synthetic, chemical compromises of more commercially available alternatives.

The team at Perfect Balance have more than 30 years combined experience in sports, fitness, nutrition and health. We have brought together that wealth of knowledge and perfected a range of foods that will meet and exceed your expectations not only in performance, but in taste too.

Whether you’re an endurance athlete needing the benefits of slow release, low GI carbs and essential fats, a strength athlete needing the recovery power of a broad variety of complex proteins, or a busy, active person needing something to grab on the run that’ll fill you up, taste great and keep you firing on all cylinders, Perfect Balance products were designed with you in mind.

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